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Papers should be submitted to the editor of the Journal of Social Complexity electronically via e-mail to the Bandung Fe Institute..

Our methods of assessing submissions are as follows:

- Research papers and survey articles will be peer-reviewed

- Commentary items and book reviews will be accepted or rejected by editorial decision

- Informal essays may be processed either by peer review or by editorial decision. Authors may request peer review if that is their wish.

Initial submissions may be made in electronic format, or by ordinary post. However, electronic format is encouraged, and if a paper is accepted for publication, at that point the author will be required to provide an electronic version.

The preferred formats for submission are, in order of preference: HTML (Hypertext Mark-Up Language), LaTeX RTF (Rich Text Format). Note that all modern word processors (e.g. recent versions of Word and WordPerfect) will create RTF files.

All the category of papers must submit the computer program (source-code and the executable files) if any used in the papers submitted. All the papers also submit the cited referential books, papers, journals, or on-line publications in the section of bibliography. In addition, the on-line publication reference must be check carefully by the author. The error on this conditions will make the papers rejected automatically by the editors. The author must sent the biodata and the scientific organization where the author affiliated.


By submitting your paper to the Board of Editorials, you agree with the copyright notice of the Journal of Social Complexity.


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