Journal of Social Complexity Vol. 3
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The Journal of Social Complexity is the periodic journal that searches the sharp methodology on social system that viewed as complex system. The research papers that published in the journal has to be selected by the BFI Board, has been tested, and qualified for journal publications. The journal is published in hard-copy. However, the first two editions of the journal are also published on-line.

You are also invited to submit your research papers or book-review in this term of agreement.



Journal Volume 3 No.1/January 2007

EDITORIAL INTRODUCTION: Experiments and Agent-based Simulations: Toward a common framework - Marco Novarese & Anna Maffioletti


  • Exploring a New ExpAce: The complementarities between experimental economics and agent-based computational economics- Bruno Contini, Roberto Leombruni & Matteo Richiardi
  • Computer Modeling of Cooperation and Altruistic Punishment - Giangiacomo Bravo & Lucia Tamburino
  • Incentives in Supervised Teams: An experimental and computational approach - Arianna Dal Forno & Ugo Merlone
  • Learning and the Emergence of Behavioural Rules in a Bargaining Game - Angela Ambrosino & Alessandro Lanteri
  • Agent-based Artificial Experiments in Social Science with jESOF - Pietro Terna
  • Industrial Sectors Dynamic Study Through a Multi-Choices and Multi-Layers Minority Game Formalism: An agent-based simulation model - Alessandro Cappellini & Marco Lamieri


  • Looking through the Glass of Computational Economics - Book Review of Computational Economics: A Perspective from Computational Intelligence edited by Shu-Heng Chen, Lakhmi Jain & Chung-Ching Tai - Hokky Situngkir

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