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The Journal of Social Complexity is the periodic journal that searches the sharp methodology on social system that viewed as complex system. The research papers that published in the journal has to be selected by the BFI Board, has been tested, and qualified for journal publications. The journal is published in hard-copy. However, the first two editions of the journal are also published on-line.

You are also invited to submit your research papers or book-review in this term of agreement.


Journal of Social Complexity contains five types of contribution: research articles presenting experimental data, computational experiments, mathematical analyses, or clearly-formulated theoretical ideas informal essays presenting more personal, wide-ranging views on aspects of mental process survey articles, presenting summaries of past contributions, or synthesizing ideas and results from different paradigms. brief commentaries, pertaining to the contents of research articles, essays, survey articles, or other commentaries book reviews Authors are invited to submit papers which present innovative, unorthodox interpretations of empirical or computational experiments that have already been described in other publications. Readers are invited to submit commentary items pertaining to the articles in the journal. The ability to present a continuously running stream of commentaries, linked in with articles, is one of the advantages of the electronic format. The level of scholarship involved in commentary items is expected to be well above that of the average Internet newsgroup post.

Particular Areas of Interest

While the scope of Bandung Fe Institute is broad, certain areas are of particular interest to the editors. These include, but are not limited to:

- Social Simulation & Artificial Societies, the social system analysis while using the agent-based modelling, celullar automata, social network, memetic, dynamical system analysis about anything concerning social conditions.

- Cognitive Science, the analysis on dynamical psychology about system of cognitive. This particular areas of interest on this analysis is on consciousness, mental construction of reality, or connections between some areas of mind science in the non-linear dynamics and complexity of science discourses.


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